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Page Administration Tool Help Tuesday, October 16, 2012 04:10 PM
Use the "Page" Administration Tool to Set and Define Individual Site Pages

Page Administration Options and Values
PageIDIndicates the PageID Number.
Visits to DateShows Current Number of user Views of this Page
Page NameThe "Page Name" establishes the name for this page which will be used to display in the Navigation Bar and for Page Linking. NOTE: You may only have one page with a specific name per site. 
Page ActiveThe "Page Active" Value Sets whether a Page will (Active) or won't (Inactive) be shown in the Site Navigation. The Default Value for New Pages is "Inactive", so that the page can be Edited and Corrected before it is displayed.
Display OrderThe "Display Order" Value determines the order in which this page will appear in the Navigation Bar, lowest number first. Default Increments Each new Page as "10" Greater than the current Highest Value Page. 
The "Page HTML" Value sets the Text, Image or other Data which will be displayed just below the Header of this Page, and before any Products are Listed.
Upload Image into Page Data
The "Upload Image" Value allows you to upload an Image File from your local Hard Drive and place it directly into the HTML of this Page.
The "Splash" Value will Override the Standard Page Layout and allow this page to appears as special "SPLASH" with Custom Images, Fonts and or Graphics Displayed. The Footer with it's Email Link and Secondary Navigation Links will still appear at the bottom of the page. Default is "Inactive".
Show Product Descriptions
The "Show Product Descriptions" Value controls whether Product Detailed Description Information will be Displayed on this Page or Hidden. Desfault is "Show"
Parent Page
The "Parent Page" Value tells us who this pages "Daddy" Is.  If some other page is selected as a Parent to this one, it will appear in the Pop Up Menu of the Primary Navigation as the Mouse moves over the Parent, and will also be shown as a Link at the top of the Parent Page when it is Clicked. Parent Pages Will Display in Primary Nav when they are "Active". The Default setting is "Blank"
Subpage Format
The "Subpage Format" Value allows you to select wether a Child Page will display as a only Link from the Parent ("Multi") or embeded directly within the Parent Page ("Single").  This allows you to create Single Pages with their own Individual Product Sections
Set As Default Subpage
The "Default Subpage" Value will set this child page to automatically display as a part of it's Parent First (in "Single Page Format") When it is clicked.  This allows you to pick one of your Sub Pages to Act as the "Primary" when the Parent is Shown.  (Note: HTML Text/Images from the Parent Page will also display, but not if the Subpage(s) are selected Directly from the Navigation Bar.
Sub Page Nav
The "Sub Page Nav" value sets whether the Secondary Navigation Bar for Sub Pages will appear across the Top of the Page, between the Title and Header or on the Left Side of the Center Section.
Redirect URL
The "Redirect URL" value allows you specify another URL location inside or outside your site, such as a Blog Page with a Tag Filter, Facebook or Twitter Page, as the landing spot when this page is Clicked in the Navigation Bar.
The "Popup" Value will redirect a linked page with a URL to display inside a Popup Window over layed on the Page. Default is "Inactive" for Standard Pages and "Active" for Product Processing Pages such as the Orders or Contact Form.
Page Image
The "Page Image" Value allows you to upload and set an custom Image graphic to appear in place of the Name from this Page in the upper left hand corner when it is displayed.
Page Image Background
The "Page Image Background" values set the Background Color for the Page Image, when this Page is shown as a Subpage Section within a Parent Page.
This allows you to use this color to "Mark" the different Sections within the page.
Link Image
The "Link Image" value allows you to upload and select an Image to be used within the Navigation Bar (for Parent Pages), or just below the Header of a Parent Page if this is a Subpage, to indentify as a Clickable Link for this page, rather than just Text.
Highlighted Image
 The "Highlight image" Value sets a Different Color Image to Display for the Page when this page has been selected and clicked. (Switching it from Black to White when Clicked for example) This applies to Navigation Bar Images or to Subpages, when they are displayed in "Single Format" as part of it's Parent Page
Display Secondary Product Image
The "Secondary Picture" Value allows you to have this page display both the Primary and Secondary Product Pictures (ie. Front and Back of the Product) on the Product List Area of this Page. Default value is "Hide", which will only show the Primary Image.
Product Processing Page
The "Product Processing Page" establishes that this page will be designated as a page to display when a Product has been clicked.  Pages of this type include custom form and processing code provided by SuperEShops, and are used to process Orders, display the Contact Form or an Image Gallery for the Product.
Show Coupons
The "Show Coupons" Value allows this page to display Coupon Offers which may apply to the entire Site, this Page, a Page Parent, a Page Child or a specific Product from this page.
Coupon Position
The "Coupon Position" Value determines whether available Coupons for this Page and Products will be shown at the Top of the Page below the Header, or at the Bottom of the Page above the Footer.
Blog / Events
 The "Blog/Events" Value allows for Blog or Event Entries to be displayed on this Page. Default is "Inactive"
Number of Blog /Event Entries to Display
The "Number of Blog/Event Entries" Value establishes how many blog or events posts will show on the page at a time. Default is "5".
Display Resources The "Display Resources" value allows display a list of resources such a Locations, Persons, Bands, Magazines, Websites which have been defined in the Resources Admin Page and linked to an Event(s). Hold down the "Cntl" Key to Select Multiple Items. Default is "Inactive"
Number of Resources Items to Display The "Number of Resource Items to Display" Value establishes how many resource items will show on the page at a time. Default is "10".
Slideshow Lists The "Slideshow Lists" Value allows for this page to display a List of Available Slideshows for either Products, Events or Both. Default is "Inactive".
Show Custom Widget
 The "Custom Widget" allows for this page to display a unique section of code (Such as a Facebook "Like" Widget or Twitter "Share" Button) independent of any other Page.  Widgets can be copied and pasted to display in just about any position on a Page. See the "Widgets" Admin tool for more information.
Page Comments
The "Page Comments" Value allows for this page to accept comments submitted by visitors to the Site. Default is "Inactive".

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